Nice one by Geoff Shackleford who whilst trawling the papers found evidence that former great Poker face David Duval is still alive somewhere in America.  Yes you might still get the opportunity to ask him how he managed to hit the ball without looking at it.


Pic: Duval has been living as a recluse with a racoon and big bear for the last 10 years.

Apparently Duval (or someone impersonating him, though who would do that?) is on twitter and intends to use it to complain about not getting into tournaments.  He tweeted about next week. 

So it's official. I will not get a spot at the Humana.— David Duval (@david59duval)

Then sent golf historians scrambling for old VHS video tapes.

I guess having the defining moment in the history if the event doesn't matter.— David Duval (@david59duval

What was that then?!


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