RYDER CUP hero Ian Poulter's post turbo-trainer selfie was ruined yesterday after his bike computer revealed he hadn't even started yet.

After spraying some water in his hair to make it looked like he was shagged tired, Poulter, 45, carefully arranged the angle of the selfie to best show off all the cool stuff he has in office, only to unwittingly expose the control console of the turbo trainer which wasn't even turned on.

First ride on my new turbo trainer, that's way better than yours, from my office which is packed with cool shit you don't have. I have to say I was blowing & sweating. Good burn.- Poults told his twitter followers.

“I'm absolutely bummed,” Poulter told reporters. "It took me 55 minutes to get everything set up for the selfie and I was really exhausted after it."

Ian Poulter Funny Pic
Poults is clearly exhausted after 55 minutes setting up the perfect workout selfie. 

In a further blow to the Englishman, minutes after posting on Twitter the selfie was further blasted by Poults 4.5 followers for having a slightly misaligned golf bag on the right.

More as it emerges.

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