Grass is finally growing on the Olympic Course in Rio and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) have found that Tour golfers were third only to horses and weightlifters as the highest users of banned substances in sport.

A report in the Irish Times had the figures.

The 2015 figures, which collates all of the samples analysed and reported by accredited Wada laboratories throughout the world in 2014, shows that golf scored a 1.6 per cent rate of positive drugs tests compared to 1.0 per cent for both athletics and cycling and 0.8 per cent for rugby.

The good news, if you can take any good news from the report, is that golf's drug of choice is not Anabolic steroids but Glucocortico-steroids and diueretics.

Gluco-corticosteroids increase cardiac output, cause mood elevation, euphoria and increased motor activity and are generally banned because of their dangerous side effects.

Diuretics are more controversial as they are taken to dilute their urine, making other drugs in the urine more difficult to detect but golfers also use them to lower blood pressure and keep them calm down the stretch.

And there I thought there are no dopes in golf!!

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