Update July 2014: Holly Sonders Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Update Jan 2014:  The "second pic" of Holly Sonders described herein now shows up on a google image search.  At the bottom of the article, I have shown a screen grab of the google search in which the image appears so don't shoot the messenger! I didn't publish it, google did!
This first pic appeared in an sbrforum, before it appeared here.

The media centre at the 2013 PGA Show was buzzing this year.  Not because of anything that happened at the show.  God forbid!
holly1When I rocked in, several men (and one woman) were gathered around an iphone ogling and sharing  two pics of who they claimed were Holly Sonders naked. Now I have to hold my hands up and say, I had to google her to find out she’s from The Golf Channel. I don’t watch the Golf Channel because I don’t have an erectile dysfunction problem or need to rent a car from National.  I’m told adverts for both are all that’s on that channel.
How they knew for certain it was her, I dont know.  Unless the cheeks of her ass were on her passport photo and they recognized them from there, but I doubt it.

The First Pic

holly2The first pic is taken from behind. No pun intended.  The media guys say it was taken by her fiancee (?) and shows Holly in a white thong which has disappears cheekily. Shown at bottom of post.

The Second Pic

I'm guessing it's ok to show the second pic now since it shows up on a google search.  It is taken with an iphone in front of a mirror supposedly by Holly herself.  Again that’s unverified because you don’t see her face.

Rather than get in trouble for posting the pics I've taken a screengrab of the google search in which the second pic appears top middle and added a couple of Tiger heads!  Just search google images and you'll see the uncensored thing.

I've had to add a few Rory heads to the bigger pic!

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  1. Totally her. Just look at belly button and taper of her legs.