Refs will carry a new slow play timing device this week at the Irish Open.

Referees at the Irish Open, which starts at the K Club near Dublin tomorrow, will all be fitted with a new timing device which the European Tour hope will finally eliminate slow play.

Every referee will carry a special device known as a 'PST' around his neck, which in the event of a player being suspected of slow play, will be activated.

The new PST timer device to be debuted at the Irish Open.
Inventor of the PST device Luigi Dominos explained how the new device works.

"Yes the 'PST' or Pizza Slice Test has been specifically engineered and calibrated for Tour Referees.  A referee can activate the PST device by removing from its special holder and eating it.  If the player has not played the shot before the Pizza Slice has been eaten, it's an automatic two shot penalty."

The PST is also expected to be incorporated by the PGA Tour in the coming weeks.  Refs can choose between two versions, Pepperoni and Margherita.

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