A two day worldwide search to identify the "swivel swing lady" who still drives it 200 yards down the middle is finally over.  Steve Wheatcroft's playing partner in the Albertson's Boise Open pro-am has been named as Ilke Wyludda.

The video of the (until now) mystery lady had gone viral on social media receiving over 10 million views.

Ilke Wyludda, the swivel swing lady, then and now.
Wyludda is a former professional discus thrower originally from Germany who won Olympic Gold at the 1996 games in Atlanta.  Wyludda moved to the USA from Berlin shortly after the Games to work as a Quality Control manager in a horse tranquilliser factory.

After retiring from professional sport Wyludda took up golf and quickly got her handicap cut to nine.
She played in the Pro-Am this week as her current company Ketahed were a sponsor.

We spoke Ms Wyludda on the phone this morning and she had this to say.....

"I am very unhappy at the irresponsible laughing of all the people at my video," Wyludda told GCD.  I did not give the man permission to shoot the video. Unt now I am on all the golf websites this week.  It is clear from the trajectory, line unt resulting position of the golf ball after the shot that laughing at my method is imprudent. I have put aside 8 minutes 30 seconds today to contact the man who took the video and request it be removed."

Then she hung up.

If you haven't seen the video here it is again.

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