Maybe Bubba Watson was blinded by the glare from his brightly coloured "Volvik" golf ball but he has finally decided its completely shite and gone back to a Pro V1.

By any standards four top-10's from 23 starts in 2017 is not bad going but the reality for a man of Bubba's talent is that he hasn't contended in big events this year, has lost on average 5 yards off his drive and has slipped from 10th in the World Rankings to his current 63rd in 11 months.

Bubba said in a statement that he is "ball free" which intimates that things didn't end well with Volvik.

“My contract is done with Volvik. I do not have a ball deal as we sit here today. So I can play with whatever ball I want to. My deal was up, and so I’m ball-free. So I don’t have a ball deal. … I’m just going to go back to what I grew up with, so I’m playing Titleist.”

This after "he" said in January.....

"I was naturally intrigued by the colors Volvik offers.  Then I started testing the ball and saw what I could do with it. It does everything I want it to: go high, go low, curve, spin and it has the distance I’m looking for. I’m always trying to find new ways to grow the game and have fun out there and Volvik’s approach is the same. I couldn’t be more excited to have a colorful start to the year with Volvik!"

Not so excited now!

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