A lot of the news from the 2018 US Open buildup seems to be the New York traffic and how some players are getting caught in frustrating three hour tail backs just to get to and from the course.

Tiger getting in some putting on "Privacy"

One man who wont be having that problem is Tiger Woods.  After failing to secure on site accommodation (booked out years ago) Tiger put plan B into operation by bring his $20 million Yacht named "Privacy" to Montauk Yacht Club for the week.  Then on discovering the 32 mile commute from there to Shinnecock Hills was a pain in the arse, he had Privacy brought to a berth in Sag Harbour.  That's just 25 minutes from the course and he can chopper in and out.

Tiger's new commute

The majority of the questions put to Woods in his presser yesterday surrounded his putting.  And he was quite bullish?

QUESTION: Tiger, by any chance, besides reps, have you done anything specifically to address your putting? And by any chance did Stricks take a look last night?

TIGER WOODS: No, Stricks didn't take a look at it. I worked on it pretty hard this past week. Just had to hit a lot of putts, just put in the legwork, and I was able to do that. My stroke feels good, and we're back on old bumpy poa. So hopefully hit good solid putts and see what happens.

2018 US Open Betting Preview and Tips Video

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