hanging back Problem: Hanging Back is best described as a golfer that does not shift their weight correctly back onto the lead side on the downswing. Such golfers tend to hang back on their back foot with their spine tilting back through impact. This swing characteristic generally leads to lack of power in the shot and inconsistent ball striking.

Cause: Poor strength in the trail leg can prevent the golfer from achieving the correct weight shift on the downswing. Other causes of Hanging Back may be a result of having the ball to far back in the stance or the golfer performing a reverse pivot in the backswing that gets the upper body out of position.

Drill: A really great exercise is to balance on one leg with your eyes closed. Try timing how long you can balance, the PGA Tour norm is between 11 to 15 seconds. You will do well to stay balanced for half that time at the start but with practice you should be able to achieve it.

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