Things were not going to plan for Tiger Woods in his third round of the WGC Bridgestone and his temper boiled over with a cameraman in front of spectators.

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After playing his second to the par-4 sixth hole from deep in the rough, Tiger started to walk away then turned to a cameraman (who  he felt was too close) from the PGA Tour and said

"Can you guys give me some fucking space please."  
The line was delivered with a lot of venom. In anticipation of the youtube video being hit with a copyright right by the PGA Tour, I've also put it on instagram.

It's one thing to be annoyed and angry with yourself on the course, but what is sport without the hard graft of cameramen.

Woods wood do well to remember that.  Let's see if an apology is forthcoming. Poor guy was only doing his job.

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Update: The PGA Tour have issued Woods with a device designed to prevent future such incidents. Full story here.

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