Golfers from all over the place have been trialling the two new Taylormade Drivers, the R11S and the RBZ in an effort to find which is best.

RookieBlue7 from Georgia carried out what I consider a pretty comprehensive distance test as follows:

15 balls with each driver, each with 60 seconds between balls (timed everything to be as subjective as possible), and then a 5 minute break between clubs each time. Then again in reverse order after. Control Ball: Srixon AD333 



9 deg set to std, with Talamonti PD70 x at 44 7/8" shaft

SS 115.1
Launch Angle 13.9
Back spin 3720
Carry 278.6
Ball speed 169.7
Smash factor: 1.475


RBZ Tour

9.5 deg  set to neutral, with Talamonti PD70 x at 44 7/8"

Swingspeed 115.3
Launch angle 11.8
Back spin 3455
Carry 289.4
Ball speed 171.6
Smash Factor 1.489

Winner: RBZ Tour

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