Huge media corporations watch out!  People as we speak are trawling the interweb for evidence of veiled borderline ambiguous semi racist slurs in today’s media.

Just a bit of background to what’s going on. The New York Knicks basketball team have this gifted Asian guy Jeremy Lin.  They were on a seven game winning streak which ended last week.  ESPN posted the headline “Chink in the Armour.” It lasted 30 minutes before the complaints came in and it was taken down and the headline writer fired. Another TV announcer was banned for a month after he unwittingly used the phrase also.  It was all so very embarrassing for ESPN not to mention the entire Asian community in America.

Jeremy LinSo the web police were waiting to see if there would be any veiled borderline ambiguous blah blahs about Gonzalo Fernandez Castano after his match with Tiger Woods yesterday.  After all Gonzalo is little known in the USA, Tiger says he never remembered meeting him though Gonzalo said the once had a long chat over breakfast and his first name tees up a shed load of Muppet jokes.

So Golf Digest, if you’re reading this; dudes maybe you boys should consider rephrasing  the first paragraph of your Tiger story this morning. It’s pretty hard on the Spanish and the European Tour. Just Saying. 

“Hey, getting dusted by Phil Mickelson at Pebble Beach is one thing but losing to a guy, Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, who sounds like he ought to be back-up baritone in the Barber of Seville, is quite another, even if the shave and haircut were about to be delivered by someone who was the European Tour rookie of the year in '05, an ancient time when Tiger Woods was winning a green jacket and a claret jug to boot. So, he didn't.”

I should know, I’ve written 10 times worse.  But people expect it from me!

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