Okay I’m not in the mood for it anymore so I’m going to be blunt. Tiger Woods  Achilles is just fine.  He was having so much fun yesterday at The Tavistock Cup that he clean forgot to do some limping or wincing.

tiger woods So by my mathematics two rounds at Lake Nona plus four rounds at Bay Hill equals six rounds in seven days with a Major just days after.  Now unless you’re more naive than a Belieber, you’ll know that’s not the schedule of an injured golfer or one that’s nursing anything more than a bruised ego after missing a few putts and walking off the course.  All that was missing there was Woods running off with the flag shouting “It’s my flag and I don’t wanna play with ye anymore.”

For the record Woods shot a 66 and was having long driving contests with Bubba Watson, and for the record he’ll probably be 66 before his Achilles really starts to bother him.


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