Pretty shocking stuff in today who interviewed a low Jim Furyk recently.

jim furyk funny[4] “I’m going to have to stick a knife in my heart at the end of this,” Furyk said when asked about his low points of last season

Later in the interview, the American said “Golf professionals come in and piss and moan about the two bad shots that cost them a 66, and were the reason they shot 68 or 69. Those two shots will keep them up at night, thinking about how they’re going to get rid of them, so they can trust their swing the next day.”

Furyk went to say But I’m just not a feel-sorry-for-me type of person, so I’m not sure where the rest of the interview is going, but this isn’t going to be a let’s-feel-sorry-for-Jim thing. That’s just not me. Look, I got paid a lot at both events that I screwed up in front of a lot of people, and no one’s feeling too bad that way for me.”

Come on Jim, it’s only a game mate. We love you really!


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