I'm assured this is not a joke but I haven't had the chance to try these yet.  Thanks to reader Jim Goldie who sent me in this link for to Tokyo based company Kaya Optics who have developed a pair of Putting Monster glasses that aid hugely in reading break and grain on golf greens. 

Here's the science bit!

The Putting Monster utilizes a patent pending "Non Coherent Stereoscopic Conversion Technology." The technology presents two distinct images of the same putting green to the retinas in the golfer’s right and left eyes. The golfer’s brain processes these non-coherent images to show the golfer an exaggerated three dimensional (stereoscopic) image that emphasizes minute characteristics of the green’s surface. The perception of the stereoscopic image causes an "ocular dissonance" that draws the golfer's attention to the specific regions of difference through the brain's interpretation of the differences.

I need to re-lay the front lawn of my house. Wonder would these help?!
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