***Updated 12/1/15 because I was told Lynch lost. He actually won and still did this!!***

It's a sad sad situation when a man cannot say something on Twitter that doesn't kick off a shitstorm.

This time Rory McIlroy has found himself on the end of some serious abuse after backing Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's controversial "I'm Thankful" interview.

Here's the video of the interview below but in a NUTSHELL, after his team beat Carolina, a clearly emotional Lynch answered every question he was asked in his presser by just saying "I'm Thankful".  Then Rory went on Twitter to suggest Lynch was being paid the big bucks to play football and not answer questions.

Cue the onslaught!

My view? I can empathize with Rory to some extent, Lynch is clearly not the full shilling, and I blame the NFL for not protecting their player a little better by intervening when the interview had clearly gone South. They clearly left him hang out to dry.

But paid to play and not answer questions? Not sure I agree.  Professional sports people nowadays have media obligations as part of the job and ordinarily it's not a problem; this one just went wrong.

I'm more a believer that you earn money on the field, but you can earn fans, respect and a whole lot more off it.

But the more important thing here is that Rory McIlroy is free to express his views on Twitter. As far as I can see Rory has always conducted himself incredibly well in interviews, no matter what mood he was in.

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