Caddies continue to get it tough on both main Tours.

While golf gets richer they continue to get shafted.

Tim Finchem: Farts perfume.

Yesterday former looper Michael Collins highlighted the class differential on Tour when health care was brought up.  You would think that having healthy caddies would be in the interest of the PGA Tour.

195 caddies asked for less than FOUR THOUSANDTH OF 1 PERCENT (0.004%) to start health care and retirement benefits, and the PGA Tour said no. In 2014, the PGA Tour reported revenue of $1.129 BILLION dollars, Commissioner Tim Finchem was paid $11.2 million dollars. 
Collins pointed to an article on SportsBusinessDaily which detailed PGA Tour boss Tim Finchem's outrageous pay packet.

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem earned $11.2 million in 2014, more than double the $4.8 million he made in 2013, largely because of a payout tied to a tour incentive plan, according to the tour’s newly available 2014 tax return.
As that wasn't enough of a kick in the teeth, a judge ruled  that caddies should have no say, nor should profit from the bibs they wear.

Caddies lost their class-action lawsuit against the PGA Tour when a federal judge in California ruled they signed a contract with the tour that requires them to wear bibs as part of their uniform and cannot claim that corporate sponsorship on the bibs makes them "human billboards."
U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria dismissed the lawsuit Tuesday night with prejudice, which typically means it cannot be refiled.
The caddies intend to appeal the ruling.
"We are obviously disappointed with the Court's ruling," Gene Egdorf, the lawyer who has been representing the caddies, told ESPN's Michael Collins via email. "With all due respect to the Court, we feel he got it wrong."

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