Slumdog Street Golf in India. 

Golf is only accessible to the elite or very very lucky in India and the latest European Tour winner SSP Chawrasia would likely class himself as the latter.


The son of a greenskeeper at Royal Calcutta Golf Club, SSP or "Chipputtsia" as he was nicknamed used to sneak on the course for a few holes at sunset before being chased off.

The only other golf available to Indians is played on the streets.  Professionals even play cash games to supplement their meagre winnings.

The video follows a pro named Anil who has to play a slum version of the game to put food on the table.

Its an amazing insight into what life is like in the slums of India.

The narrator Asish Kacholia, is a millionaire venture capitalist, who covers Anil's touring expenses.
There are two Mumbai's. There are skyscrapers and businessmen and there are slums and beggars.

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