The European Tour are today investigating claims that Hideki Matsuyama cheated en route to winning the WGC HSBC Champions event in China.

Several players have reported that Hideki Matsuyama cheated at Sheshan.

The 24 year old Japanese golfer won the tournament by seven shots.

Fellow players claim to have spotted Matsuyama and his caddie Daisuke Shindo sneaking out for an extra round when nobody was looking.

The European Tour are scouring through hours of cc television footage of the course to investigate if indeed Matsuyama played a fifth round when everyone else was asleep.  It is against the rules of golf to card an extra fifth round in a four round tournament.

"All the guys here reckon Hideki went out for another round on Thursday or Friday evening when we all at dinner or in bed or something," said a big bald American player who tied for fourth but wanted to remain anonymous. "I mean he finished at 23 under par.  I was never good at math but he'd have to be like 12 under par or something in each round to add up to that total. It's impossible. I heard Japanese people can see in the dark with their eyes."

A statement from the Tour is expected within hours.

More as it emerges.

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