Rory McIlroy has agreed to play a game of badminton with Hilary Clinton this weekend just to even things up and get the critics off his back after playing golf with Donald Trump.

A venue has yet to be announced for the match. However a high fence is being hastily erected just outside Mexico City (where McIlroy is playing golf this week) which locals are being told will be the net.  Construction workers say they should have 700 miles of it up by Sunday and the pair "are sure to find a flat bit somewhere" to have their game.

Rory McIlroy Donald Trump Funny Pic
Rory McIlroy will play a best of five sets against Hilary Clinton Using The Mexico border fence as a net.

McIlroy went on Instagram yesterday to say he will play five sets of first to 15 against Clinton on Sunday evening and afterwards pose for a picture with two other complete randomers which will then be posted all over social media for people to pass judgement on.

Unsuccessful Presidential candidate Clinton has not been seen in public since the election and is said to be practicing that dinky little serve that just about climbs over the net and fools everyone, for up to 10 hours a day.

Beyond next Sunday, World Number Two McIlroy has indicated he will try to break the cycling indoor mile speed record on a tandem with Teresa May in Mid March and is planning a trip to North Korea before The Masters for a game of slaps with Kim Jong Un, during which both men will have their hands smeared with nerve toxin.

More as it emerges.

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