A concerned Irish grandmother and huge Phil Mickelson fan has issued a plea to the star golfer to start eating again after he appeared on TV last week looking very thin.

"Is he sick? Is he on the drink?" asked Peggy Gordon 87 as she watched highlights of the final round from Saudi on the iPad she got for Christmas in her room at the St Ignatius nursing home. "Tisn't bombs that man needs to be hitting, he needs to hit the chipper in Enniskerry for a bag of battered sausages," she shouted, adjusting the volume on her hearing aid.

"Oh I know all about it. My husband Jimmy used play a bit of golf, then he got sick and then he got thin and then he died on me and left me so he did."

Mrs Gordon further warned Mickelson that he continues along this dangerous path he faces the possibility of turning "into skin and bone" and eventually "fading away altogether" and questioned whether his wife Amy Mickelson "was feeding him properly at all at all." 

More as it emerges.

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