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I've had a look behind the marketing blurb of the TaylorMade M5 and M6 drivers in my role as Golfbidder equipment expert and reviewed both of them along with the fairway woods.  My aim as you will see in the videos and read below is to be thorough and honest.

You can check out all my equipment review videos on the Golfbidder YouTube Channel here.

TaylorMade M5 Driver Review Video

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review Video

TaylorMade M5 Review 

Following three of the best adjustable drivers ever in the form of a couple of M1's and an M3 it was always going to be a big ask for TaylorMade to eek out further improvements, and while the M5 almost looks like a "work in progress" driver, there's no arguing with the results on paper that it produces faster ball speeds than the M3.

When I say "work in progress" driver I am of course referring to the two very obvious and kind-of off putting screws in the face of the club. I had to do a double take the first time I saw them, I was transported back to the 80's when it looked sort of odd if a driver didn't have four brass screws holding the face on!

Hats off to TaylorMade though as the screws in the M5 are brilliantly explained by telling us all  that the faces are actually made illegally "hot" or beyond the 0.803 COR or "springyness" limit and are dialled back to precisely the right side of the law by injecting up to two grams of hot melt resin where those screws are.

It's in effect saying that before this in your M1,2,3 or 4 the faces were all made on the safe side of legal to allow for manufacturering tollerances and varied in COR. You might have gotten lucky to buy one with a hotter face than your mate on the tee beside you. But thanks to the injected twist face, every M5 (and M6) in right on the limit.

Stripping back the blurb you will find though that the face is 3.4 grams lighter than before and machined thinner on the edges to provide a larger sweet spot and would make sense with the hot melt resin.

That's the “circles of speed” explained, and however unsightly, the results from testing suggest a ball speed gain of up to two miles per hour on the M3 at an average club players swing speed.

Overall looks and build wise the M5 has a thinner silver topline graphic than the M3 with a matt finish and more accentuated step on the crown.  Side by side the M5 is also a little deeper and sits a little prouder than the M3 .

The Twist Face, with its extra loft in the high toe and lower loft in the low heel, to direct mishits back into the centre is retained, but as before its not really noticeable to the eye.

What is noticeable is that the M5 sits 1.5 degrees more open than the M3 at address.  If the M3 looked closed to your eyes, the M5 will look more square.  If it doesn't get out the wrench and start adjusting the hosel to one of the 7 options and plus or minus 2 degrees to suit you!

On the underside of the M5 TaylorMade have changed it up again. The speed channel or "Hammerhead 2.0" slot needs just one reinforcing bar because of the injected resin we spoke about.

The adjustable track system has been changed to.  Again it has two moveable 10 gram weights and while the centre rail is the same as in the M3 the other rail hugs the perimeter of the back very like in the Callaway EPIC driver.  When you think of how the rails have moved so much from behind the face of the original and very excellent M1 driver to the very back of this M5, you begin to wonder could there have been more consistency in the design, which has varied hugely through the models, as TaylorMade fans have to go and figure out their optimal settings all over again in the M5.  On the flipside, the permutations for adjustability are countless and THAT is one of the real defining features of this club over its predecessors and the M6.

Move the weight forward to reduce spin by around  600 rpm, move them to the extremes at the back to affect a draw or fade,  split them, have a play with them to find what suits you best…….or just do what I do, watch my favourite Tour pro and do what he (or she) does!

Speaking of Tour pros there is also a smaller 435cc Tour version of the M5 driver.  The trade off is always the same, the pros will be able to swing the smaller club a little quicker and don’t mind sacrificing a little forgiveness…. because they centre strike a damn site more often than us mere mortals!

Stock shafts for the M5 are a superb Mitsubishi CK Tensei Orange 60 and Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70.

To summarise the M5 driver with its face screws may not be the most aesthetically pleasing offering they've ever released but when it comes to adjustability and functionality it may just be the best.  The testing numbers show increased ball speeds of up to 2mph which will benefit everyone. Tour pros with faster speeds will game it with the weight pushed forward while amateurs will use the weighting to correct hooks and slices.  It'll be a hit, It'll be number one, and time well tell if this one will be a classic!

Make sure to check out of review of the TaylorMade M6 driver too, essential viewing really if you choosing between the two!

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

The original TaylorMade M2 was a brilliant driver.  The 2017 M2 had to be prized out of the hands of Tour pros. The M4 won six times on the PGA Tour in 2018.  So how does this new M6 driver follow that? Let's take a Golfbidder Look Under The Hood.

The answer TaylorMade found, and let's be honest here, are in the less than inspiring form of two vintage looking screws in the face, but they come with one of the greatest and most convincing explanations I've ever heard!

You see it seems that, back in the day, or up to 2018, all the driver faces were made on the safe of the legal COR, or "springyness" limit to allow for manufacturing tolerances.  You might have gotten lucky and bought an M1,2,3 or 4 with a more "trampolinee" face than your mate on the tee next to you.  There was no way of knowing (without rigorous testing) except to say they were all legal.

But now, in the M6 (and M5) all the faces are made "illegal", then brought back to barely the right side of the law by injecting hot melt resin in the heel and toe of the face where these screws are.

I told you the story was brilliant! It makes us feel like we are running from the golfing police a little bit and its exciting! The phrase  ‘Speed Injection’ is used to evoke a feeling of an almost performance enhancing club that has been "injected" in a good way to bring it back to the limit.

Personally I'm more convinced by the fact that the face is 3.4 grams lighter than before and machined thinner on the edges to provide a frankly huge sweet spot and would make sense with the hot melt resin.  And whether you like the screws or not, the testing numbers are plain to see, this method can result in a 2 mph ball speed gain versus pervious models.

Where it's brother, the M5 is hugely adjustable, the M6 is the one where you just give it to the TaylorMade engineers and say "make this long and forgiving would you?" and that brings us to head shape and weighting which differs from its brother the M5 and predecessor M4.

Looking down on the crown, the silver titanium section has been thinned, the carbon area and content has been increased by 46% and the unnoticeable but effective Twist Face retained.  If you think the M6 looks a little open at address, you can start adjusting the hosel to one of the 7 options and plus or minus 2 degrees to suit you.  And its worth noting that there's a D-type version released also to really enhance a right to left shot shape.

The big change on the M6 however is the on the under carriage.  The hammerhead 2.0 speed slot has lost a bar, due that injected resin doing the job of bracing the face and then there's a big rear underslung 46 gram weighted section.  TaylorMade call it  an ‘Inertia Generator’ which when balanced with the weight savings in the carbon crown create a more forgiving setup.  So maybe a little blockier and not as aerodynamic as the M4, but with a faster face already giving added ball speed who wouldn’t want to hit another fairway or two!!

Especially when you also consider the stock Fujikura Atmos shafts are a whopping 45.75 inches long, great for distance but more difficult to control.

To summarize the M6 driver with its face screws is not going to be winning any beauty contest but what it will be winning is Tour events all over the world in the hands of the best players.

Make sure to check out of review of the more adjustable TaylorMade M5 driver too, essential viewing really if you choosing between the two!

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From me for now, it's Donal out.

TaylorMade M5 Fairway Review

TaylorMade M6 Fairway Review

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No we are not shitting you, Jason Dufner's new hat and shirt sponsor Dude Wipes is actually a toilet roll alternative brand for men with erm...particularly downy bum holes!


I'm trying to think what drew Dude Wipes to Dufner.....
  1. Has he a troublesome ass hole?
  2. Or is he a troublesome asshole?
  3. Has he trouble getting into the groove?
  4. Is he a low down bum?
  5. Does his game stink?

In fairness to the Dude Wipes guys, their commercial is absolutely brilliant.  If you have three minutes to spare today you'll love this!

Anyway sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

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2019 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship Betting Preview And Tips

January 16th – 19th, 2019
Abu Dhabi G.C., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Par: 72 / Yardage: 7,583
Purse: $7 million with $1,025,132 to the winner
Defending Champion: Tommy Fleetwood

2019 Abu Dhabi Championship Betting Tips Video

A quick look at the favourites and Dustin Johnson is unbackable at a ridiculous 6/1 after going well in Kapalua, and back to back champ Tommy Fleetwood and Brooks are too tight also at 11/1.

Doc's Top-5 Each Way Tips.

Tip 1: Henrik Stenson 18/1

Just about a logical bet is Henrik Stenson at 18/1.  Coming back from an injury hit 2018 he was T12 at the Tour Championship, and he's been 8th, T8, T3 in his last three Abu Dhabi starts and is comfortable in the region having won three times up the road in Dubai and once in Qatar.

Tip 2: Thomas Pieters 22/1

Second tip is Thomas Pieters at 22/1.  Yes sometimes his frustration causes us frustration as viewers, but he has that element of class that started to come to the fore again at the end of 2018.  He comfortable at Abu Dhabi Golf Club and has been in the top-5 in three of the last four years. Funnily enough he hasn't had those results via good greens in regulation performances (like most guys who do well here) but rather pummeling the driver and holing putts.  It's risky and exciting but that is gambling in a nutshell.

Tip 3: Branden Grace 33/1

You just know the practice ground in Abu Dhabi this week is going to be a testosterone-fest of guys trying to out-do each other with muscles pumped smashing golf balls so I need one level headed performer in my five and I'll go for Branden Grace.  He's a serial contender here with four top-20's since 2013 including two top-5's and while all eyes will be on his form countryman Louis Oosthuizen who is back this year for the first time since 2011, I think Grace is a solid each way bet.

Tip 4: Matt Wallace 33/1

What a year 2018 was for Matt Wallace with three wins and a T2 at the Tour Championship and frankly I'm surprised to see him out at 33/1 this week.  Maybe its because he has only played here once, in 2018, and was T32, but you can be sure he hasn't been scoffing the entire box of Ferrero Rocher's over Christmas and will come out of the blocks fast.

Tip 5: Ross Fisher 50/1

I'm going to give Ross Fisher the nod over Rafa for last pick this week just because his odds are better at 50/1.  Ross remains immensely talented and still one of my favourite players on Tour and I am baffled as to how he hasn't won for five years. Solo second here last year, I would love to see Ross Fisher win.

Long Odds Glory Shots

Looking down the odds there is a veritable tonne of value here because the bookies are all mixed up given that this is early season.  Just some guys I saw at or over 100/1 to take note of were…
Dean Burmester 100/1 who drives it a mile. We tipped him to a T4 at the Tour Championship and was solo 7th in 2017 here.
Bernd Wiesberger is also around 100/1. He struggled to find form in 2018 but always does well in Abu Dhabi.
Jeunghun Wang at 150/1 who was T15 and 11 in his two appearances here. Wouldn’t that be a lovely payday!

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Matt Kuchar's latest win at the Sony Open was overshadowed somewhat by a tweet from Tom Gillis at the weekend claiming that the 40 year old, who has now over $46 million in career earnings, paid local "stand in" caddie David Ortiz just $3000 when he won $1.3 million at the the Mayakoba Classic in November.

Rex Hoggard of the GolfChannel asked Kuchar about the tweet on Saturday.

“That’s not a story,” Kuchar said. “It’s wasn’t 10 percent. It wasn’t $3,000. It’s not a story.”

The usual caddie bonus is 10 percent of the winner’s purse. It's not unreasonable for a stand-in caddie to earn 5%. That would have seen Ortiz earn $65,000.

My little birds inside the ropes say Ortiz was paid more than $3,000 by Kuchar but it was nowhere near the going rate for caddies.

And the moral of the story?  Never catch a ball Kuch throws at you; you might get an invoice!

In other news I posted the greatest golf joke ever on my Facebook page.

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Augusta National Golf Club certainly seem to be moving with the times by unveiling their new style of the iconic Green Jacket just for lady members.

The new design was unveiled today in a TV interview with the Golf Channel

The design is thought be the creation of Wurkeen Myassov, the ex Soviet double agent, now top fashion designer living in Georgia and an Augusta National member since 1997.

"The jacket has beautiful lines, and symbolises the male organ, for so long resisting but  now embracing the woman," Myassov said in an interview.

Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore are expected to wear the new design at the 2019 Masters.  Both have laughed off suggestions that it looks like a penis jacket.

More as it emerges.

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European 2020 Ryder Cup Captain Padraig Harrington unveiled his first Vice Captain this morning.

At a packed press conference in Brussels Harrington surprised many by unveiling President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker as his right hand man.

Padraig Harrington 2020 Ryder Cup Vice Captain
Padraig Harrington With His 2020 Ryder Cup Vice Captain Jean-Claude Juncker

"Aaaaaaaaa Jean-Claude was an obvious pick for me," Harrington told reporters. "He's extremely clever and he's a great negotiator. I mean we could probably send him over to the USA tomorrow and he'd come back with a signed agreement for a 14 all draw."

Harrington believes Juncker will also be able be able to help the British players in the European Team, who may be feeling a little isolated and left out after Brexit.

"Jean-Claude has a lovely gentle way of talking to British people," Harrington continued. "He'll be able to make Poults and Tommy and Casey and the lads feel special and convince them they are doing really really well even when it's obvious they're getting the shit kicked out of them."

More Vice Captain news as it emerges. 

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With our US Correspondent Chad Scorovski in Washington

Fears that the 2020 Ryder Cup matches may be cancelled grew following the first Presidential Oval Office address last night.

Using full sentences containing nouns and verbs and without repetition  and reading from an autocue the President congratulated Padraig Harrington on being appointed European Captain but warned that no US Captain will be picked or the 2020 Ryder Cup matches even considered until the border wall with Mexico is built.

The President used the address to stoke fears of illegal gay Mexican Muslims trying to get over the border and onto the US Team and then refusing to play with Patrick Reed.  He warned of “vast quantities of bogeys” and catastrophic 10 and 9 losses and blamed Democrats for uncut fairways and massive divots on greens.

“I'm only looking for $5.7 billion to build this physical barrier,” the President said. “Rory McIlroy gets that just for showing up at an event; Tiger Woods gave 18 times that to his ex-wife for Christ sakes."

More as it emerges.

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2019 Sony Open Betting Preview And Tips

January 10th – 13th, 2019
Waialae C.C., Honolulu, Hawaii
Par: 70 / Yardage: 7,044
Purse: $6.5 Million with $1,152,000 to the winner
Defending Champion: Patton Kizzire


Favourite Watch

Justin Thomas starts at 6/1. Hit the ground running last week coming 3rd. Won by a mile here in 2017.  Crazy low odds pre tournament.

Doc's Top 5 Best Each Way Bets

Gary Woodland 14/1

After a close second at the Tournament Of Champions and excellent stats across driving, irons AND putting, Gary Woodland is going to be on everyone's betslip this week.  But there's more depth to Woodland now, last weeks result is his third top-5 in his last three starts.  Add in to mix three top-7 Waialae finishes since 2015 and I wont be leaving him off my betslip either!

Marc Leishman 20/1

No real Hawaii form since a solo 5th back in 2014 but I like Marc Leishman this week.  Looked very much up to speed across all aspects of his game in coming T4 in Kapalua last week where he amassed an impressive 15 under on just the par-5's. And why wouldn't he after a solo 2nd in the Aussie PGA and win at the CIMB in late 2018. Has to be in the mix and worth an each way punt.

Cameron Champ 28/1

I just wince watching Cameron Champ pummel that driver.  He averaged 334 yards in winning the Sanderson Farms.  But I've had a look through his stats and there are not many weaknesses there.  Still maybe a bit lacking in round to round consistency but five top-12 finishes in his last six starts is very impressive.  Worth a squeak for the form dog with the big dog!

Charles Howell 33/1

At the start of the year there are always unknowns; it's simply impossible to know how "ready" the players after the Christmas break.  Having said that you just know Charles Howell is the consummate professional, and he wont have put on an ounce of weight eating chocolates!  After six top-10's in Hawaii over the last 10 years I'm just wondering does that win at the RSM Classic give Charlie the confidence to really contend again this week. T14 at Kapalua last week.

Scott Piercy 60/1

T19 at the Tournament Of Champions last week where he struggled on the par-3's but I think Scott Piercy will have a lot more to offer this week.  T5 at the CJ Cup, T10 at The Shriners and T6 at Mayakoba in late 2018 was quality golf; the question is can he pick up where he left off?  Solo second here four years ago when Jimmy Walker left the field trailing in his wake.

Long Odds Glory Shots

Looking down through the odds this week I found a two guys at longer odds that you can make a case for.

Ian Poulter 66/1

I may stand corrected but I don’t think Poults has ever played the Sony Open before!  Hit more greens than anyone last week at Kapalua just didn't convert.  If he does the same this week and putts better Poults could well contend.

Brian Stuard 175/1

Long odds due to having no real form but Brian Stuard is a horse for the course with three top-6 finishes since 2013.  And these nuggets of stats nerdism have been very beneficial to us in the past! 

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The worst kept secret in golf will become official today when Padraig Harrington is named 2020 European Ryder Cup Captain.

The 2008 PGA Champion at Oakland Hills, well known in the USA, a six time Ryder Cup player, a three time Vice Captain and known simply as "Paddy", Harrington was always going to be the perfect man for the Captaincy at an away fixture.

Especially so at the linksy Whistling Straits!

Best of luck Podge!

At least we know what the official team aftershave is going to be!! Compliance!!

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An "Epic" final round with  more than a "Flash" of brilliance is how Callaway staffer Xander Schauffele blitzed through the field of the Tournament of Champions with a course record equalling 11-under-par to edge 54-hole leader Gary Woodland by a single stroke.

What's In The Bag 2019 Xander Schauffele

The new World number six enjoyed his fair share of good fortune along the way, holing out for eagle twice on Sunday and has now won all four of his PGA Tour titles coming from behind. It's also the 25 year old's second win in four starts after claiming the WGC-HSBC back in November.

What's In The Bag

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (9 degrees) with a Graphite Design BB 7X shaft
3-wood: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero (15 degrees) with a Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 8X shaft.
5-wood: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero (18 degrees) with a Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 8X shaft.
Irons (4-PW): Callaway Apex Pro 19 with  True Temper Dynamic Gold X 100 shafts.
Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy 4 (52 degrees), Titleist Vokey Design SM6 (56, 60 degrees) all with True Temper Dynamic Gold X 100 shafts.
Putter: Odyssey O-Works Red #7 CH
Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X


Stats Report

Schaufflele is a Callaway marketers dream gaming the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver to hit 47 fairways (T15 in the accuracy stats) and average 280.4 yards (14th in the distance stats).  Having used the Proto version of the Callaway Apex Pro 19 irons at the end of last year to win the WGC HSBC, Schauffele's newly released Apex Pro 19 irons helped him hit 59 greens in regulation (T5 in the GIR stats), including 16 in the final round.

Using a blend of Callaway Mack Daddy and Titleist Vokey wedges with a Odyssey O-Works Red #7 putter the Californian  posted figures of 3.703 Strokes Gained: Approach, 1.774 Stroke Gained: Around The Green, and 2.243 Strokes Gained: Putting. In total, Schauffele circled 24 birdies, two hole out eagles (both on Sunday)  against just five bogeys on the Plantation Course.  Such was his dominance that he ranked in the top 5 in all the major Strokes Gained categories.

Buy all Xanders clubs new and pre-owned here.

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Here was a glorious chance for some of the top PGA Tour pro's to show some character and have some fun......
The question was "What are your New Years Resolutions?"

The answers showed all that is wrong, and bland, and one dimensional, and safe, and sanitised about not just the players, but how scared out of their wits they are of saying anything wrong, or controversial, or something that could offend somebody somewhere on Twitter or Facebook, cook up a storm of rage and protest, and ruin their reputation forever.

I'm sure among friends the answer to this question would be different, more quirky, more fun.

But the world, the Tour bosses, the managers, the sponsors expect a role model response that will pacify social media.

So it never "entertains" anymore, just ticks the box of being "safe" social media fodder.


I hate to say it but it felt the same when European Tour stars Eddie Pepperell and Matt Wallace posted videos of getting their Masters invites.  The two boys were afraid to be seen to be happy.  Thank God for Eddie's Dad Joe!  That's the way to celebrate!

Guys if we keep watching our P's and Q's like this golf will descend (further) into a dreary humdrum sport or drones.

Meanwhile this cheered me up.  Poor lady got her angles wrong!

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Look it's easy to beat down on Rory McIlroy for his decision to play more on the PGA Tour in 2019.  The average punter doesn't realise how much the European Tour completely and absolutely depends on him and his star power to get sponsors, bring in money and sell events.

The total reliance on Rory incorporated has become a burden and he's more or less saying "Fuck this, why cant someone else do it instead of me always?"

Keith Pelley jetting to Belfast to beg Rory not to leave just highlights the politics of it all.

Some might say "it's Rory's duty" but is it? Really?

Maybe his duty is to live a happy life with his family, bring enjoyment to us all through golf, and yes of course to represent Northern Ireland and Europe when the time comes.

If fairness to the European Tour, Rory calling it a “stepping stone” Tour wasn't the best phrasing! But everyone knows, compared to the riches and organisation of the PGA Tour, he's dead right.

Before Rory and is foundation became involved in the Irish Open, the hole had been dug and it was about to be buried.  It may soon be again if he doesn't play.  The British Masters got wallpapered by Sky Sports for a few years, but the cracks soon opened there too.

Rory playing the Tournament of Champions this week instead of his usual return in Abu Dhabi is a clear statement. I'm still fairly sure that he'll meet the criteria to keep his European Tour card but it's up to him.

“My life is here,” McIlroy said. “I have an American wife. I live in America. Honestly, I enjoy it here more. The way of life is easier. The weather. The convenience. You go to Europe and get paid a nice amount of money to start the year. I’ve done that for a decade. I want to switch it up. I’ve done it for 11 years, so I may as well do something a little different.

What the European Tour need to do now is stop whinging and throwing its toys out of the pram because Rory wont play and instead focus on the talent it has and making events successful.

“I’ve done my time. I’ve done everything I feel like I need to do to say, `OK, I’m going to make my own decisions and do what I want.’

Yes you have Rory, you go do what you feel.

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They might be a boring, plain, white, sterile, insipid pair of golf shoes and something like a nurse would have on in a hospital...... but when you have a influencer like Rory McIlroy instagramming a seductive snapshot in his retro sexy leather bag, it's marketing gold.

Yes they are rotten, and most probably stitched together by an eight year old Cambodian slave girl that falls down unconscious after her 16 hour shift,  but every kid in the world will want a pair for a couple of hundred quid!

And what's worse still I'll probably buy a pair!

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Now why would the PGA Tour be posting a logo'd video of Vijay Singh working out?  They f**king well hate his guts to put it bluntly.

Unless unless unless this deer antler spray court case settlement included some clause that stated the PGA Champions Tour had to do their bit to make Vijay look good.  I cant think of one other reason.

But the PGA Tour are clever.  This just made him look daft.

"There you go brother break it!" the trainer shouts and then makes him welt a tyre without breaking his wrists.

Give me a break!!

And the Gladiators want there pugil stick back!!

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2019 Sentry Tournament of Champions Betting Tips

January 3rd – 6th, 2019
Plantation Course at Kapalua, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii
Par: 73 / Yardage: 7,452
Purse: $6.5 Million with $1,300,000 to the winner
Defending Champion: Dustin Johnson

I'm not going to do a full betting preview for this weeks 34 man TOC event at Kapalua but I've had a look down through the betting and picked two guys I think could feature each way at decent odds.

Remember "each way" ordinarily pays out (a quarter of the odds) if the player finishes in the top-4.  I generally don't tip the favourite pre-tournament; in this case its defending champ Dustin Johnson at 5/1.  If either of my tips below fail to win but finish in the top-4 the return will still be greater than if Dustin wins!

Tip 1: Pat Reed 16/1

Will be overlooked in favour of the bombers on a resort course but odds of 16/1 each way are super for Pat Reed.  Winner here in 2015, runner up in defending a year later and T6 when he last played here in 2017.  Has the natural golfing ability to get out of the blocks early and to successfully scramble where others will struggle. T2 last time out in Dubai and has to be on your betslip.

Tip 2: Webb Simpson 22/1

Hasn't played in the event since 2014 but regains his place in the elite field after winning the 2018 Players Championship. With two top-3 finishes at Kapalua from three previous he'll be determined to do well on his return. Third last time out at the RSM Classic and I think 2019 will be another big year for Webb.

Tip 2: Brandt Snedeker 55/1

This tip could go either way but a wise man once said to me "watch out for players with new caddies or new equipment." Sneds will be in the latter category this week with whispers of a break from Bridgestone. Has three top-10's from five starts at the event including a T3 in 2016.  Missed last years edition so will also be keen to get out of the blocks early and make his money during the West Coast Swing.

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Happy New Year everyone and we are off and running at the Tournament Of Champions in Kapalua.  It's also a great time to spot guys with new equipment so here's what we found.

Rory McIlroy plays in the event for the very first time, and he's keen to start his mainly PGA Tour season early to ostensibly get ahead in the Fed Ex Cup.

Rors was spotted practicing on the Plantation Course with a TaylorMade Spider putter. Rors used a TP Mullen and Black Copper Soto in 2018 and finished 97th in Strokes Gained: Putting on the PGA Tour.

Meanwhile Justin Rose has his new Honma bag containing the 10 clubs he has contracted to use this season.  He posted a pic of his Rose Proto irons on Twitter while his caddie Fooch posted a pic of the bag.

Also spotted using Honma Irons was Paul Casey.

Among the lesser lights on the move, Troy Merritt has gone from Wilson to Titleist and Kevin Na has become a full Callaway staffer. Brandt Snedeker is also moving away from Bridgestone.

More equipment news as we get it!

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