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Tiger was on stage at Pebble Beach yesterday with Tiger Foundation Board Members Pete and Mike and entertained the audience with the story behind his poor performance at the Ryder Cup following his Tour Championship win.

"Well it was a bit like this," Tiger said shifting his right buttock up off the chair and farting. "After finishing up with the interviews and all that shit that Sunday night, a few of the lads were waiting for me in the locker room and we started on the beer. I know I know I know......we shouldn't have......but then Justin and Rickie said "Sure we'll be dead long enough" so I said 'fuck it, we'll have a few'.

We definitely had a few bottles of Bud to start, I remember that clearly. Phil was tearing the labels off with his nail and flicking them at lads. Prick. Then I think we went on pints of cider, a couple of Jaagers, fat frogs and ended up on vodka and red bull.  No wait, we ended up on G&T after that to try and sober up a bit coz we all had to drive.  Then we got a few cans and went back to mine to play FIFA on the playstation. I think. Anyway I didn't get a feckin' shower until Tuesday I'd say. There were flies and dogs following me down the street.

Anyway the long and the short of it is one of the lads must have put me to bed and lo and behold I wake up in fucking France of all places with a banging hangover. I was rightly confused.  I'm telling ye tell ye lads I've woken up in some strange places but France? WTF?

I had completely forgotten about the Ryder Cup. And to collect the kids from Granny's house Sunday night. She was going mental. She'll never mind them again now.  Anyway back to the story and waking up in France.

Next thing Zach Johnson is there standing over me in his spiderman underpants, I still don't know why he was there. He's rubbin' his hands excitedly and sayin' "I know what'll fix that headache" and produces a case of wine in the hotel bedroom. He says then that he's figured out a way to chromecast Debbie Does Dallas from Xhamster on his phone onto the telly.  Sure we stayed there all day watching Debbie with the little hotel facecloths, drinkin' red wine and saying the Rosary.  You should seen Johnson's teeth! They were pure rotten with the wine!

Then next thing I know I'm on a golf course with Pat Reed.  Now it doesn't take Stephen Hawking to figure out that going from Debbie's adventures to looking at that miserable bastard didn't do much for my mood and things generally went to shit after that. About eight times actually. I was in every portaloo in Paris.  Had to have been the Budweiser. Full of chemicals.

More as it emerges.


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What an opportunity missed!

If only Tiger had the wherewithal to say to this young fella, "you step out of the shot for a minute with your ipad and I'll just Darth Vader mind-send this ball into the hole 'coz it will be class on the video."

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But no, it's awkward and the people in the background force their laughter a bit too long to make it weird.

Seriously though The Tiger Woods Foundation and the students it is producing is a great thing.

This is how it should have been!

Here's the original.

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2018 Andalucia Valderrama Masters Betting Preview And Tips

Andalucia Valderrama Masters hosted by the Sergio Garcia Foundation
Real Club Valderrama, Sotogrande, Spain

Favourite Watch

There's only one man in this category and he's the unbackable 4/1 favourite across the board Sergio Garcia. Also this week's tournament host Garcia won here last year in a thrilling battle with Joost Luiten, and in 2011.  T7 last time out in Portugal.

Doc's Top 5 Best Each Way Bets

Shane Lowry 12/1

Another chance for Shane to end a tough Atlantic hopping season on a high here in Valderrama.  It's a course unlike any other on Tour and plays to all Shane's strengths as evidenced by his T12, 4th, T19 record in his three visits to date.  Didn't happen over the last fortnight but that solo 6th in Portugal is still fresh and proves that he habitually contends on tracks he likes.

Soren Kjeldsen 20/1

Remains solid if unspectacular on Tour and had a good spell of three top-12's through Denmark, Switzerland and Holland in September.  Short and accurate Soren has the perfect game to negotiate the ball gobbling umbrella pines around Sotogrande. Second in 2010 here, 4th at the 2016 Open de Espana on the course in 2016 and T18 last year.

Joost Luiten 33/1

In the field and back on Tour after wrist surgery which has greatly curtailed his season.  It might be crazy to back him on his first event back but then you look at his 2nd to Sergio in 2017, his 2nd to Beef at the Open de Espana in 2016 and his solo 5th here in 2010 and you wonder!!

Nacho Elvira 50/1

Coming off a missed cut at Walton Heath but I have a feeling Nacho will go well on front of a home crowd this week.  He impressed me at The Dunhill Links leading driving accuracy and posting T7 in Greens in Reg on his way to a T10 finish.  Also solo 4th at Crans (which I feel is the closest type test in Europe to Valderrama) and solo 3rd at the 2018 Open de Espana.

Jeunghun Wang 70/1

Played well in Switzerland this year and won two of three Tour events on tight tricky layouts.  T29 at Walton Heath last week, I think he could spring a surprise here.

Long Odds Glory Shot

Edoardo Molinari 80/1

Great to see Dodo returning to form and a T24 at the Dunhill Links followed by a T16 last week will have done wonders for his confidence. Brilliant here last year for 36 holes before imploding at the weekend. I think he's in the form to keep it together for 72 holes this time around.

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Absolutely brilliant 3rd eye at the British Masters coverage on Sky Sports Golf at the weekend. Whilst Henni Zuel and Nick Dougherty were talking a man walks into the background and downs his pint in 3 seconds!

Well it was too wet to do much else!

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This is one of the best tests I've come across yet when it comes to new versus old drivers and balls and the distance differences between them.

In form European Tour star Lucas Herbert does the testing for Mark Hayes and Mike Clayton of Golf Australia.

The results are stark, almost 50 metres difference between new and old, but not only that. As you'll see in the video the persimmon drivers and balata balls seemed to require a lot more skill to hit well!


Here's a grab  of the results.

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I became aware of problems in Killarney Golf Club a few days when I heard that head professional David Keating was leaving after his contract was not renewed.  Given that David is probably the most universally loved pro in Ireland I sensed something untoward might be at play here.

Then todays Kerry's Eye carried details of a "scathing report" by auditors Deloitte which highlighted several issues and shortcomings, laying the blame firmly on the club's Management Council; the very people who commissioned it.

After speaking to several members and hearing much the same story over and over, I finally convinced one to put the general feeling of the members in an email, on condition of anonymity.

Dear Donal,

I am a proud member in Killarney Golf and Fishing Club and it is not easy to say this but we have a big problem in our club.  Our professional David Keating is leaving next week and I believe he is not going to another club. Every one of us is shocked and very disappointed to see him go and its clear something must be very wrong for him to leave as I know he loves working in our club. This news came out of the blue.

Let me tell you about our pro. David always has a smile on his face and his warm welcome for members and visitors is legendary in Killarney. He helped us out when we needed financial support in 2013 and made many sacrifices to help us get back on our feet by taking over the Pro Shop, the shop in town and he also looked after the buggies. He then took over the caddies and has helped so many players along the way since he arrived from Charleville with his expert coaching and upbeat personality.

Every time you meet him he makes everyone feel welcome and he will be a real loss to us. We can’t believe that he is going and things are definitely not right . An article appeared on the paper this morning in Kerry and it was very critical of the board of management who have caused a lot of problems for our manager Cormac and also for our head greenkeeper Enda. They are two fine men also. It appears that they have been ignored by the council when it comes to running the club and now we are told David is going as his current contract was not renewed. Not only that but his excellent staff are also going and they are very nice to all of us also.

As members the general feeling here is that our big problem stems from the fact that our council is very inexperienced in business and in golf, two of them are almost complete beginners at golf. We had two very good men on the council at the start of the year but they resigned due to the nature of proceedings at meetings. They were then replaced by two more men and they also resigned.

From my personal point of view it looks like our council are operating like a pitch and putt club or a book club where the model is based on volunteerism and they have forgotten about the professionals, management and staff that actually run the club.  It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that when volunteers drive out top professionals, something is very wrong indeed. 

The newspaper article today actually states this based on the Deloitte findings. The whole thing is very sad as Killarney made heavy losses from 2008-2013 and then made strong profits from 2014- 2017 when the currently employed management took over. This year has been much quieter and you can sense the dip in atmosphere and numbers at the course.

Losing our professional David is a disaster and a backward step for the club. The council should have renewed his contract and got him back involved in the marketing of the club as he did when he came here initially.We will rue this mistake for a long time and it's high time the members voices were heard. I think I speak for the vast majority of the members when I say we are now losing all confidence in the council and after today’s revelations and what we are seeing happening in our fine club, it is warranted. An EGM has been called.

If things don’t change fast I fear for Killarney Golf Club.

A Concerned Killarney member

The same member also supplied a copy of David Keating's leaving letter to the members.

Let's hope that some common sense can prevail here and Killarney Golf Club can get back to doing what it does best.

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Wimbledon's plans to expand their Grand Slam tennis facility took a big step yesterday when they successfully purchased Wimbledon Park Golf Club for £63.75 million.

The golf club, with an annual members sub of £1450 and sits right across the road from the Wimbledon tennis campus agreed to divide the purchase fee between its 750 members. That sees every member pocket £85,000 each with the added option of using a nearby 9 hole course behind the current facility.

Sad day for golf or money talking and common sense prevailing? You decide.

Here's the Wimbledon Park Golf Club as it looks today.  I think you'll be surprised at its quality.

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European Tour boss Dame Keith Pelley took to Instagram this morning to launch a scathing attack on a bunch of Russian hacker carpenters who he claims built the unhittably shite green used at the Hero World Challenge in London last night.

The pre-amble to the British Masters at Canary Wharf quickly descended into farce as the "pontoon green" the players were hitting towards turned out to be fucking impossible to hit.

A concerned fan realises he cant bloody well  just leave because the camera is right up against his face.
It later emerged that Russian hacker carpenters posing as illegal Lithuanian carpenters who said they'd do the job for £200 cash were employed by the Tour to build the green.

Dame Pelley told his 53 followers
“Sad that Russian hacker carpenters would mess up this tremendous miniature aquatic based golf event. UNACCEPTABLE!! Fairly skilled played and Justin Rose made to look pretty darn rubbish. MORE UNACCEPTABLE!! Leaving Vernon Kay left exposed like that without a fucking thing to say after we paid him £4000 cash for the night?? NOT ON!!” posted Pelley, under a picture of a glass of red wine in some fancy London restaurant.

More as it emerges.

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2018 British Masters Betting Preview And Tips

October 11th – 14th, 2018
Walton Heath (Old Course), Walton on the Hill, Surrey, England
Par: 72 / Yardage: 7,394
Defending Champion: Paul Dunne

2018 British Masters Betting Preview And Tips

Doc's Top 5 Best Each Way Bets

Padraig Harrington 50/1

Windy, wet, rugged, heathland….it has to be set up for Padraig Harrington to play well. IF… he isn't exhausted after a whirlwind few weeks.  After losing his PGA Tour card Podge came back home to finish 5th in Holland, Vice Captain Europe at the Ryder Cup and all but cement his 2020 Captaincy, then finish T7 last week at the Dunhill Links.  On a run of three top-7 finishes in his last four European starts, a win must be coming.

Shane Lowry 25/1

You have to fancy Shane's iron game at Walton Heath.  Missed out on Sunday last week in Saint Andrews but 6th in Portugal (T4 Greens in Reg) the week before was an impressive return to what we all know he can do. It's hard to figure how five Top-20's on the PGA Tour including a T12 at the PGA Championship didn't secure his 2019 PGA Tour card.  T7 last year at Close House and T2 in 2015 at Woburn and Shane could launch a late season surge this week.

Lucas Bjeregaard 25/1

Lucas....way too many vowels!

Crazy long odds on the Dane after completing a superb recent run with a win at the Alfred Dunhill Links on Sunday.  That included a T8 at the Czech Masters, 6th in Denmark, 2nd in Switzerland, T20 in Portugal before winning that comparatively low pressure shotgun start in Scotland. T8 last year at Close House and worth an each way bet at those odds.

Lucas Herbert 50/1

The young Aussie is on a great end of season run after a T2 in Vilamoura and T7 over Kingsbarns Carnoustie and Saint Andrews last week.  It's all rosy in the garden for Lucas after bagging over a quarter of a million quid in the last fortnight, rising to 50th in the Race To Dubai and 104th in the World Rankings.

Tom Lewis 50/1

Great to see Tom Lewis win again in Portugal recently, seven years after he first won on the Victoria Course.  Still only 27 Tom has seen the highs and lows of Tour life but things are certainly looking up just now.  After a solo second at the Czech Masters Lewis won convincingly at the Bridgestone Challenge on the Challenge Tour before his triumph two weeks after in Portugal. T10 in Scotland last week and fingers crossed he keeps up the good play.

Just missed out…..Andrea Pavan 50/1

Long Odds Glory Shots

Marcus Fraser 150/1, Lee Slattery 150/1

Marcus Fraser showed some good form at the Alfred Dunhill before stumbling on Sunday to a T10 but overall he'll have gained confidence heading to a course he knows well and has done well on in US Open qualy.
Lee Slattery really impressed me tee to green last week and he showed in the Czech and Nordea Masters that he can contend.  Way overpriced at 150/1 and I'll be having a flutter for sure!!

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Thank goodness for my GolfCentralDaily readers who send me in these beauties!

Thanks to Gary Healy who spotted a newspaper clipping about a wedding day of a couple in the sixties and noticed how remarkably similar to Rory McIlroy the bride looked.

The do say everyone has a double somewhere!

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A female fan laughed off a nasty ball strike to the forehead yesterday at the Dunhill Links Championship.

Tyrrell Hatton, who hit the shot, said he was “devastated” after the incident, which again highlighted the issue of spectator safety at golf events after French lady Corrine Remand was left blind in one eye after being struck at the Ryder Cup.

Two ladies hit by golf balls in two weeks. What can be done to improve spectator safety?

The lady was standing on the left side of the 15th green at Kingsbarns when she was hit on the forehead by Hatton's ball.

She received treatment by first aiders on the course, laughing off the incident, but was then transferred to a local hospital where she received stitches before being discharged.

“It’s probably one of the worst feelings I’ve had on a golf course,” said Hatton after. "It’s the first time I’ve ever hit someone. So I was pretty devastated, to be honest. I was getting updates when I was out on the golf course, because I wanted to know how she was doing."
“When I finished my first nine holes, I got told that she was going to hospital to have a couple of stitches but there were no concerns from a medical point of view, which is obviously good news. But, at the same time, I’m just devastated that I’ve hit her. I will keep in touch and get regular updates.”

More as it emerges

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Almost five days on from the Ryder Cup and the shit stirring in Team USA continues apace.

The blame game, stories of teammates physically fighting and scapegoating one person; it's a bubbling pot of steaming horseshit and the US media are having a field day. Or field week.

I almost feel pity at this stage for Patrick Reed, who surely hasn't helped himself, but has been royally hung out to dry by other "sources" within the team.

Most fully expected to see Reed and Spieth on day one, but 'something' happened behind the scenes to split them.

When it was suggested on social media that Reed didn't want to play with an out of form Spieth, an intervention, in the form of a clarification, by Reed's wife Justine on Twitter added curry powder to the shit pot.

I can assure you- you’re wrong. Patrick never said that he didn’t want to play with Jordan. Maybe you should ask Jordan why he didn’t want to play with Patrick. You don’t have to love the people you work with- but when you have chemistry and success, you go with it for the TEAM.

Since then an unnamed "source" with the US team has said that Reed "begged" to play with Tiger Woods.

After the pair did play, and lose, twice, the stats guys in the US camp informed the team that, had it have been strokeplay, Reed would have shot 83 in the Saturday morning fourballs. It didn't go down well.

"He is so full of shit," the source said. "Blindsided my ass. He begged to play with Tiger."

Maybe more telling was the next quote.

"I feel so bad for Jim, because he was an unreal captain. He would have run through a wall for all 12 of the guys. Unfortunately, there were only 11 players that would have returned the favour."

Are we talking about the same man dubbed "Captain America" for the past two years up to last Thursday morning?


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2018 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Betting Preview And Tips

October 4th – 7th, 2018
Old Course at St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns
Par: 72 / Yardage: 7,307
Back to Back Defending Champion: Tyrrell Hatton

Favourite Watch

Brooks Koepka and Tony Finau are in the field for this year's edition of the Pro Celebrity Dunhill Links but the man with pedigree on the course is Tommy Fleetwood at 12/1.  He's played here seven times, only finished outside the top-25 once and has three top fives.  The Ryder Cup hero is sure to have some fatigue issues but he's the pick of the favourites with the wind set to blow.

Doc's Top Five Dunhill Links Best Each Way Bets

Chris Wood 22/1

First time back at the Dunhill since 2015 for Chris and he does love a links challenge.  In great form recently after a T12 in Portugal and solo 2nd in Holland and with a form line of T4, T9, T7 in his last three Dunhills a big week could be on the cards.

Eddie Pepperell 22/1

For all his self deprecating humour (especially towards his golf game) Eddie continues to have his best season ever coming in off a T2 in Portgual and and top-10's in Portugal and Czech Republic before that. Excellent T6 at The Open and solo 2nd at the Scottish on links in the Summer and a rested Eddie can improve  on his T7 here last year.

Erik Van Rooyen 50/1

I've been rooting for Erik since he finished T4 at the Irish Open in Ballyliffin this year.  He went on to play well at The Open, was solo 5th in Denmark and T11 in Holland last time out.  Looks the real deal and worth an each way squeak at long odds.

Joakim Lagergren 80/1

Hopefully the Ryder Cup break did Joakim some good and allowed him to recharge his batteries because he's been on a poor run of three missed cuts lately and, as a winner in Sicily in 2018, is better than that.  Hopefully a return to the Dunhill Links where he's been brilliant the past three years (with a T12, solo 4th, T4) will kickstart his form.

Haydn Porteous 100/1

It's a week where some of the up and coming European Tour stars can really shine and why not Haydn Porteous.  Since a T6 at the Nordea Masters the South African has brought his cut streak to six and after a T15 last year looks a better more experienced player this time around.

Long Odds Glory Shot

Marc Warren 150/1

Had to pick one Scot so I'll go with Marc Warren over my lucky charm David Drysdale. Let's not talk about Marc's form but instead focus on his three top-5 finishes here since 2011 including a T4 last year.  If the weather gets Scottish, and it should, you never know!

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A lot has been made of the "fight" between Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson on Sunday night in the European Ryder Cup Team room.

But I was there and recorded the whole thing on my phone.

I think once you see the context of the incident it will explain everything.

Here you go! 

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The woman hit in the eye by a golf ball at the Ryder Cup on Friday has permanently lost sight in the eye.

French golf fan Corine Remande told reporters

"It happened so fast, I didn't feel any pain when I was hit. I didn't feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour."

Here's the incident.

Doctors at a nearby hospital confirmed the direct hit of the golf caused  "an explosion of the eyeball."

The incident happened on the sixth hole of Le Golf National on Friday.  Though playing a par-4 the green was set up to be driveable, though the crowd were positioned very close to the green.

The shot was accompanied by several shouts of FORE and the himself unfortunate (it could have been any player) Brooks Koepka, who hit the shot, was clearly upset after the incident offering an apology and signed glove to the spectator.

Remande has not ruled out legal action.

More as it emerges.

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Sunday at the Ryder Cup was epic, Europe triumphed but for a time there it looked very dodgy indeed.

And Alex Noren, amid all the celebrations, carrying on in his dead rubber against Bryson deChambeau only to sink a putt from the depths of hell (80 feet or so) to win, summed up the day.

Team USA were heavily fancied coming in and writer Alan Shipnuck was particularly bullish about their chances.  Cue Tweeter Alliss to put him in his box with a royal roasting after,

Tweeter even had what Alan wrote in a little montage movie!

Most beautiful after was from Ian Poulter who shared his winning moment with his son.

After delivering a hard earned point against Dustin Johnson Poults then he put on his postman outfit.

From the USA side, some light was shed on the reason why we didn't see Spieth and Reed play together this edition.  Thanks to Pat's wife Justine.

And here are Phil Mickelson's Ryder Cup highlights in four seconds.

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