Enjoy a clinic with British Open Legend Tom Watson who describes the exact date and time he discovered the secret to the golf swing. What’s more, he let’s us into it and makes a lot of sense. A refreshing lesson from one of the greatest ball strikers in the game.

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  1. Thanks for that Donal.

    For a guy that has a simple, repeatable swing, i was surprised at his "secret". Thinking about your shoulder plane and trying to ensure it returns back to a similar position at the end of the swing is likely to tie most punters in knots I would imagine. But I'm sure Tom didnt reach this conclusion lightly so there must be a lot of truth in it.

    Do you know what I think the secret of the swing is (I'm sure you've waited all your life for this..)? Its this: "everyone's secret is different". There is no one common secret to all swings. For Hogan it was the right knee and weak grip - he found his. For Monty - it was to complete his swing. For VJ it's to remove the right hand from controlling the club. But unfortunately its different for everybody.

    But the 'Secret' is the one major trigger that makes you swing better than you normally do. The trick is finding it. I would say I have found mine but I like to keep it secret. It doesnt mean i shoot 66 every week as you still have to chip and putt but it does help to know it. I might tell you sometime over a pint or out on the course!

    Well done on your weekly content. Enjoy reading it.