Dr. and The Medic: Weaken Your Grip



You cannot seem to get a nice, soft landing on the green when you try to hit a high shot.


Do not be afraid to create a lot of speed around the green. Even though the shot is short, you still need to have plenty of acceleration through the shot.


One easy way to hit a soft, short shot is to move your hands up on the grip so that you no longer have room for your last two fingers. Allow the last two fingers of your top hand overhang off of the club. You will gain extra loft due to the weakened grip because the clubhead will pass your hands as it approaches the ball. This will provide backspin as long as you give it good acceleration through impact.

The Doc’s Rules Quiz

999 ques Just for fun this week, have a go at our rules quiz. Questions from “999 Questions On the Rules of Golf”, by Barry Rhodes.

Q1: True or False? There is no penalty for looking into a fellow competitor’s bag to determine what club they used.

Q2: True or False? There is no restriction on the length of a tee peg.

Q3: True or False? A player may not putt with one hand while holding the flagstick in the other.

Last weeks answers:

Q1: True or False? When taking relief from an immovable obstruction a player may not clean his ball. Answer: False

Q2: True or False? The wall or lip of a bunker not covered with grass is part of the bunker. Answer: True

Q3: True or False? Apart from when a ball is in motion, a player may always ask for another player’s ball to be lifted if she considers that it interferes with her play. Answer: True

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