World Clubmaker of the Year Derek Murray from Foregolf grinding a wedge with his father Don in their workshop in Red Lane, Naas.
Photo: Tony Gavin 20/1/10

Wedge grinding is quite an art-form and shaping a wedge by hand is almost like dancing the Tango with a club head. The Tour professionals are always tweaking the sole of their respective wedges to suit not only their style of swing but also to allow relief of the back edge of the club to get better contact quality for their wedge play. It wouldn’t be unusual to spend a whole day building and grinding new wedges for Tour Pro’s to suit specific course rough and playing conditions and the official Tour record to date is 253 wedges built in one day!

We use a high powered belt sander to literally shape and rub away parts of the wedge sole to affect how it hits the ground and delivers energy and spin through to the ball. Each players grind is uniquely different and is all geared around getting the absolute most from the wedge play.

with Derek Murray from

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