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Why your Current Practice MAY be making you’re a WORSE golfer!!

Is the practice you are currently doing making you a better golfer? Can you honestly say you have continued to improve at your game? If you can truly say ‘Yes’ then you are almost unique!

However, I think if you are honest you would probably have to say your game has stagnated, it may not have got much worse, but chances are your improvement is now fairly minimal.

Kevin O’Brien’s recent exploits at the cricket World Cup reminded me of a wonderful story about Sir Donald Bradman, the legendary Aussie cricketer who averaged 99.94 and would have finished his career averaging 100 if he hadn’t been out for a duck in his final test innings. Part of Bradman’s practice ritual was to work on his batting with a golf ball and a cricket stump. He would throw the golf ball at a wall then defend it with his cricket stump. Just imagine the speed the ball would come off the


wall and the difficulty in defending himself with a stump which was not much bigger than the ball itself.

Hour after hour Bradman would practice in this way. It was also said he would try to find a wall that was completely uneven just to make the exercise even more difficult. Seve Ballesteros learnt to play golf with just a three iron. I can still remember standing open mouthed at a clinic he gave when he stood hitting high lob shots over a trap with just a 3 iron. Do you think playing pitches with a sand wedge would seem fairly simple after that?

The key point in sport is, if you want to train your brain at the same time as your body and build mental toughness, you need to MAKE A PORTION OF PRACTICE MORE DIFFICULT THAN THE REAL GAME.

Examples of ‘Harder Practice’

Putt to a tee not the hole. Just from short range 6ft and in by putting to a tee your PERCEPTION of the size of the hole changes

Play 9 holes of ‘Worst Ball’ Hit two shots off the tee and you have to take the worst shot all the way into the hole. This shows you how bad your ‘bad’ is.

About Karl

Karl Morris is one of Europe’s leading MIND COACHES, delivering cutting edge methods of peak performance and goal achievement to a range of clients across sports and business.  From the world of golf, he has worked with players such as 2010 US Open Champion Graeme McDowell, 2010 Open Champion Louis Oosthuizen, Darren Clarke, David Howell, Lee Westwood, Paul McGinley, Richard Finch, Phil Archer, US Open Champion Alison Nicholas and Trish Johnson.

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