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hip flexor stretch Hip Flexor Mobility

One of the most common mobility issues affecting the modern amateur golfer is tightness in the hip flexor muscle. This can be caused by a typical day at work or in the car where you are sitting down for hours at a time putting your hip flexor muscles in a shortened position. Tight hip flexors can lead to an S posture in your golf swing which can lead to chronic lower back pain before during or after your round. It will also limit the range of motion required for the rotational movement of your hips in the golf swing which means loss of power and distance and badly directed golf shots. So by improving your mobility in this area can definitely help your golf swing.

Hip Flexor Stretch

To perform the hip flexor stretch place your left knee on the ground. Activate your glutes (or tense up your butt) and place your left hand on your left glute and right hand in the air to activate your core. Tilt your pelvis skywards and you should feel a big stretch down the front of your hip flexor. Do this a number of times every day and you will increase the range of motion in your hips and eliminate back pain from your golf game.

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  1. The hip flexor exercises are ideal for people who complain of morning back pain. Another hip flexor exercises includes the half frog pose and the kneeling, lying and standing hip flexor stretch.

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