With top Irish PGA pro John Kelly of Harrington Golf. To book a session call John on 086-8155248. View the video of this exercise here coming soon.

Early Extension

Early extension is when a player gets to the top of the backswing, he moves his hips closer to the ball on the downswing to achieve impact. This ruins the correct sequence of the downswing, your left hip blocks your way, forcing the hands to become very active through the shot. This leads to very inconsistent golf shots.


A great to practice drill on the range is to place your golf bag behind you at address. Not touching, but about 3 inches or so away. Now get yourself into position on your backswing and you start your downswing your left hip should be turning and moving closer to the bag. If your left hip is tipping the bag even better, you’re really going to create lots of room for your club to make great contact with the ball. Practice this tip and enjoy get a great swing sequence!

With thanks to Moira and all at Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links for use of their wonderful course for filming.

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