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A critical key to improving through practice and that is the concept of CONSEQUENCE. Golf is a unique game in the sense every single time you make contact with the ball there is a CONSEQUENCE to that action. Whether we like it or not, each shot we make has a consequence because it is going down on that scorecard.

So, if we are playing a game which is high in consequence, then surely a BIG portion of our practice should involve the same principle. Yet , consider what we see on every range up and down the country and across the world. How many balls carry a consequence? How many shots carry any pressure?

For most golfers, the only ball that carries any sort of pressure is the last one! And far too many times I have seen a golfer hit ball number 48 out of 50 like a bullet, then actually kick the last two balls out onto the range! That isn’t practicing - that is CHEATING!!

Usain-Bolt If we practice in a way which creates consequence, then we will get better at dealing with the very same situation out on the course. Understand the person, a human being, who he is most competitive with is HIMSELF, so then if you devise strategies which create a score and a consequence, then you can let human nature do the rest for you.

Also tied in closely with consequence, we also need to understand that confidence needs to be based on FACTS not FEELINGS! If a 100 metre sprinter like say Usain Bolt was working each day with his coach and the coach kept telling him he was improving but had no means to actually prove it, how do you think the confidence levels of the athlete would be?

The great beauty for an athlete is the CLOCK will give him a FACTUAL example of his improvement. For too long now in golf people have been basing their confidence on feelings as opposed to facts. Hit it great on the range this morning FELT great! However, as soon as that first ball travels offline on the course, where do all of those good feeling go?

When you are building your confidence on FACTS then you are building a process which will stand up over time and build UNSHAKABLE self confidence. Facts not feelings. Build CONSEQUENCE into your practice by playing games that involve a SCORE that you have to RECORD. As soon as a score is involved we create pressure.

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