Flexibility in Calf

With the Masters starting on Thursday this is the time of year where a lot of club golfers dust off their clubs and head off to the golf course for their first game of the year. Generally playing after a long lay off can leave some parts of your body a little stiff the next day. Walking on a soft hilly terrain such as a golf course can leave your calf muscles stiff and sore especially if you have not done it in a while! Having better flexibility in your calf is of vital importance for mobility in your lower leg.

Half Kneeling Calf Stretch

Get into a half kneeling position with your right knee down and left foot forward. Holding onto the head of your golf club place the grip of the club four inches forward of your big toe and hold the club vertically. Keeping your back straight and heel on the ground lunge forward trying to get your knee to touch the club. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and switch legs. Do this daily and you will notice a huge difference in power and mobility in your lower leg and stability in your stance without any of that niggling post round stiffness.

robbie calf stretch

With top Irish amateur and TPI certified fitness instructor Robbie Cannon of Harrington Golf. To book a session call Robbie on 086-6002432. Video Of This Exercise Coming Soon.

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