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The X Factor

In the golf swing the x factor has been a buzz word for many years. Basically it is a move professionals use to ensure correct sequencing of the swing and generate extra power. It also counteracts an over the top swing where the hips shoot foreword on the downswing resulting in a weak left to right shot. It is achieved when you rotate your hips and lower body towards your target as fast as possible while your shoulders, arms and club lag behind. This produces more club head speed and means more distance. A great exercise for you to get the feeling of this is the stork turn.

Stork Turns

Grab a golf stick and use it as support or lock your arms out against a wall, stand on one leg and wrap your other foot around the back of your standing leg. Keeping your upper body as still and solid as possible rotate your lower body. Make 10 turns and repeat on opposite side. Doing this exercise every will help strengthen your hips, increase their degree of rotation and help you to discover that X Factor of explosive distance.

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