With top Irish amateur and TPI certified fitness instructor Robbie Cannon of Harrington Golf. To book a session call Robbie on 086-6002432.

Hip mobility is vital in the golf swing because it makes it much easier for you to swing through the ball, much easier to maintain the correct posture, and much easier to generate lots of power in the golf swing.

A great exercise to help you greatly improve the mobility in your hips is called “Hip Drops”. Lie on your back with knees raised and feet on the ground, played out a little wider than your hips. It’s very important to keep your hips as close as possible throughout this exercise. Whilst keeping those hips stationary, let your right knee drop in as far as comfortably possible. Bring the right knee back up and repeat with the left. Do this five times on each side. Adding this hip mobility exercise to your regular morning stretching routine will yield massive benefits for your golf swing. 

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