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Have you ever heard of Moe Norman?

Probably not. Well that is a shame because his story is close to being THE most fascinating golf story of all time. If you haven’t heard of him then you have missed out on learning about arguably one of the greatest ball strikers of all time. Amongst other many achievements Moe won over 50 tournaments, shot 59 THREE times in tournaments, had 19 holes in one and the straightness of his shots apparently had to be seen to be believed.

I am lucky enough to own two pieces of Moe Norman memorabilia. The first is picture of Moe on a practice range hitting balls. I looked at it and there stood in the picture clearly spellbound by what they were seeing were none other than Nick Price, Nick Faldo, Ben Crenshaw and Fred Couples. Multiple Major winners who had taken the time to watch Moe hit golf balls. A friend of mine called Jim Farrelly used to play golf with Moe virtually every day and his stories about Moe’s shotmaking left you awestruck.

moe norman Recently Tiger Woods said that he felt that there were only two men in the HISTORY of the game that actually OWNED their golf swing, one was Ben Hogan and the other was Moe Norman!

The other Moe treasure I have is a simple piece of A4 paper which has written on it “My Main Thoughts in Performing Well” by Moe Norman. There were about 25 one liners that had been Moe’s guiding principles throughout his career. You would think that they would have been all about the swing from such a legendary ball striker but take a look at some of them here:

  • Full Extension Back and Through
  • I play INTO my legs
  • I swing ‘Through’ the ball not at it
  • You are what you think you are
  • Never think of the money, get the ball into the hole
  • Winners see what they want, Losers see what they don’t want
  • Solid thinking ‘Good Golf’, bad thinking ‘Bad Golf’
  • Always be in a good frame of mind
  • I always play ‘Target Golf’
  • Negative thinking hurts more than negative swinging
  • I always concentrate on playing one shot at a time
  • Stop being afraid of yourself
  • Winners play golf automatically
  • Believing in your ‘Mental Image’ will make you a Master
  • Imagination is the key to success
  • Stop worrying about when you are going to die, but how to live
  • Imagination and visualisation are my keys to success!

Amazing that way before anybody had heard about Mind Coaches or Sports Psychologists that here was a man who was famed for his ball striking ability but who had clearly worked out the importance of understanding the role that the mind plays in golf. Without any formal tuition he had worked it out by his own intelligence and desire to be the very best he could be. Moe Norman clearly understood what I have talked about over and over again that to be the best that you can be at this wonderful game you need to control TWO things. The BALL and YOURSELF. One without the other will leave you well short of what you are truly capable of being. Look into the legend that is Moe Norman you will find it a truly fascinating story.


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