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back One of the key shots you will see this week at Congressional is the 200 plus yard long iron. Many amateurs nowadays are afraid to hit long irons and trust hybrids instead. They look at face of, say, a three iron and the lack of loft does not inspire confidence.

Instead of committing to the shot and hitting down onto the ball, many people hang back and try to compensate for the lack of loft by scooping the ball into the air. Two outcomes are likely with this swing, a high weak shot that drifts to the right, or failure to get the ball airborne at all, aptly termed the “scutter”.

To hit a long iron you need to trust the club and sweep the ball of the turf. The key to doing this is good timing and tempo in moving the weight onto the right side during the takeaway and through onto the left side and a full balanced finish. When you have hit the ball, your right toe will be the only point of contact with the ground on that side, with all the weight on a strong straight left leg.

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