robbie core With top Irish amateur and TPI certified fitness instructor Robbie Cannon of Harrington Golf. To book a session call Robbie on 086-6002432.

The “core” has been the biggest buzz word in the world of golf fitness. Having a strong core provided Rory McIlroy with a solid fulcrum that allowed him produce a strong repeatable golf swing in the pressure cooker environment of the US Open. However even finding your core, let alone toning it has been a challenge in itself for many. Here’s a great exercise to help you both discover and strengthen your core.

The exercise is called the plank. Facing down on a mat, raise your body with your forearms and toes so that your back is as straight as possible. In this position “switch on” or tighten up the muscles of your backside and your belly and keep them engaged for 30 seconds. You will find it tough at first but do it daily and over time you should aim to increase this “switched on” to time to one minute. Doing this exercise regularly will make your core the envy of everyone in your club!

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