With top Irish PGA pro John Kelly of Harrington Golf and St Margaret's. To book a session call John on 086-8155248.

If you struggle to get up and down out of sand then this drill will be invaluable for you. It will teach you how to set up to a bunker shot and give you the confidence to swing through the shot and achieve the correct strike.

The first thing to do in the practice bunker is to draw a line with your club in the sand across the bunker. Now without even having a ball in front of you, practice your swing. Do this by placing your left heel on the line, aim the feet and shoulders a little left of the target and set up the club as if the back of the face is almost sitting on the sand (without actually touching it!)

Now practice the swing trying to take a divot starting just to the right of the line and continuing on through the line. Do this 10 to 20 times concentrating on the position of the divot. Rake the bunker and redraw the line now placing balls on the right side of the line. Repeat the swing, this time hitting the balls and you will soon master an altogether more consistent and effective method of hitting out of bunkers.


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