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stinger shot A great tee shot to have on a windy day, especially when hitting into it, is a low trajectory penetrating drive that will kick forward on landing. Tiger calls it his “stinger shot”. To play a stinger you firstly need to move the ball back in your stance. If for a normal drive the ball is just inside your left heel, for a stinger it should be almost in the middle of your stance. Your weight will automatically feel more on your left side.

During your takeaway, instead of your normal long backswing, reduce its length and take the wrists out of the swing. The backswing as a result will be a longer wider swing. The downswing is then initiated by rotating the body through the shot remembering to keep the wrists out the swing.

If you remember the keys of the stance, a shorter wider swing with the wrists prevented from cocking on the backswing or the throughswing, you can learn to perfect the low drilling “stinger” shot which is invaluable to have in your locker in windy conditions.

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