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I’d like to tell about a hero of mine, from Warrington in England, whose extraordinary story has many lessons for golfers.
Andrew Stevenson may not be a well known tournament professional, he is a PGA professional at a Warrington Golf Club called Mersey Valley in Cheshire. He recently told me of a story that absolutely had my jaw hanging down in amazement.

Just to give you a little background to this. Andrew has a daughter Beth who has a condition called Rett Syndrome which basically at this moment in time gives a child a short term life expectancy. There is much excitement about the development in research on a solution but at this stage little or no general awareness. Andrew has done an unbelievable amount of fund raising events to raise both finance and awareness and here is where the story begins.
andrew stevenson One event that he dreamt up was a 36 hour non stop golf marathon which would turn out to be 8 consecutive non stop rounds and 7 holes! Not for the faint hearted I am sure you would agree. The goal was to literally play as many holes as possible in 36 hours without taking a break but WITH a marked score involved so it wasn’t just hitting the ball without any consequence. Andrew then went on to reel off the scores, which is where the story REALLY gripped my attention.
He started with 74 then a 73 against a par of 72. Not bad, but nothing outstanding for a pro. Rounds two three and four were 71, 71 and 70. Pretty good considering he must have been getting very tired. Then five, six, seven and eight.....70...68...67....and to finish off 66!!!
What on earth had gone on here?
Logically you would have thought that as he got more tired the scores would have suffered. As he got to the point where as he said he was literally just walking up to it and hitting it, you would have thought that surely he would start getting a bit careless and a bit wild? Well the scores tell us a somewhat different story, an extraordinary tale which a great many of us could perhaps learn to look at and gain something for our own game.
Not for one minute am I saying that this applies to everyone but I do think that a number of us have become too cautious as golfers, too analytical, too concerned with the outcome of the shot. Andrew recalled at the end of his marathon he kept just looking at the target, pulling the trigger and as he said he ‘just couldn’t miss’!
What to take from this? Maybe we should start to play golf with a little bit more of a carefree attitude and a bit more trust in our own innate abilities. Of course we need to train our swings, to work on our technique but how about we get out onto the course and commit to REDUCE our THINKING. As someone once said to me we are ‘drowning in information but thirsting for knowledge’. We have a game where we are ALL party to so much information about golf that we are literally getting in our own way with information paralysis. Maybe the curse of slow play that haunts SO many medal rounds up and down the country is actually HARMING our scores. We are taking MORE time to play WORSE. Could a faster round of golf actually reduce our scores? It is worth thinking about on many levels. Andrew Stevenson’s extraordinary tale asks all of us some very important questions about the way we approach our game.
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