Ulster 5.5 Connacht 5.5

eddie mccormack (Ulster names first)

Connor Doran & Harry Diamond lost to Barry Anderson & Eddie McCormack 2/1; Reeve Whitson & Aaron Kearney beat Steffan O'Hara & Sean Cannon 7/6; Luke Lennox & Colm Campbell lost to  Michael Durcan & Joe Lyons 1 hole; Nicky Grant & Wayne Telford halved with Gary McDermott & Kelan McDonagh

Pic: Eddie “Living Legend” McCormack

Harry Diamond beat Steffan O’Hara 1 hole; Aaron Kearney lost to Eddie McCormack 2/1; Connor Doran beat Sean Cannon 1 hole; Reeve Whitson beat Michael Durcan 3/2; Luke Lennox halved with Kelan McDonagh; Nicky Grant halved with Joe Lyons; Wayne Telford lost to Barry Anderson 1 hole

Leinster 4.5 Munster 6.5

(Leinster names first)

Eoin Arthurs & Richard O'Donovan halved with Niall Gorey & Gary O'Flaherty; John Greene & Craig Martin lost to Sean Barry & David O'Donovan 3/2; Paul Dunne & Stephen Walsh beat Kieran Hurley & Ed Stack 1 hole; Rory McNamara & Brian Casey lost to Pat Murray & Ian O'Rourke 1 hole

Richard O’Donovan lost to Niall Gorey 2/1; Eoin Arthurs beat Pat Murray 7/6; Craig Martin halved with Sean Barry; Rory McNamara lost to David O’Donovan 3/1; Paul Dunne beat Gary O’Flaherty 1 hole; Stephen Walsh halved

Ed Stack; John Greene lost to Ian O’Rourke 3/1

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