Every day literally five or ten new golf inventions pop up on the email and to be honest most are terrible. Today however was a watershed moment for me. For some strange reason the phrase "Insta Golf Shoes" drew me in and (mostly for a laugh I admit) I clicked on the link www.instagolfshoes.com. After initially cringing at the mad prospect of what looked like a golfing version of the crampon, I quickly came around to the thinking that things are a little bit ingenious. I can see instagolfshoes being handy on holiday or on the practice ground where you slip these babies onto your runners and off you go. No need for hawking heavy golf shoes around or the threat of blisters or you hols. I havent seen a pair of these instagolfshoes in the flesh yet but the quality looks very decent from the photo gallery on the site. And the inventor Rick Hetzel test drove them on the links courses of the West Of Ireland, and they could manage that, they could manage anything. Instagolfshoes come in at about $35 or €24. Here's the link to the site

Genius or madness, I'll let youe decide!

insta shoes

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