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We will all be glued to the happenings at Sandwich this weekend. The players, to a man, will look very impressive with their fashion, their equipment and their swings. But trust me when I say this ‘The object of the game of golf and every player at St. Georges is to SCORE as low as possible’. Nothing else.
clip_image004Your own individual purpose for playing golf may differ from that, but it is unquestionable that the object of the game is to hit the ball as few a times as possible.
Often I will ask a player that I am working with what game of golf they are actually playing. You might have heard the term ‘exhibition golf’ in relation to the pro’s but as I see it many golfers actually play this game without actually being aware of it.  Here’s why.

‘Exhibition Golf’ has a couple of key components if you are going to play it! One is that your primary focus on the course is how impressive you look. It is absolutely essential if you play exhibition golf that you take as little club as possible on each hole. Whether you can get to the green or not is irrelevant. You MUST however let other players know that you hit an eight iron when they show their puny reliance on taking at least two clubs more. You absolutely have to hit some real ‘biggies’ off the tee during the round, at least 40 yards past everybody else is mandatory. If a couple of balls fly out of bounds it is an irrelevance as long as you get that feeling of pride by being the long ball and it can be mentioned in the bar afterwards. Never ever if you play exhibition golf should you look to hole too many putts as this can count against you in the clubhouse.
You could be playing this game. Or you could instead play simply ‘Golf’
That game where all you are trying to do is get the ball into the hole in the fewest possible strokes by doing boring things like taking on shots you know you are capable of playing. Grinding some pars out on holes that you haven’t played well, staying on an even keel and just going about the round in an unassuming way that deals with the inevitable poor shots but just keeps going by being committed to your process on each and every shot.
You don’t necessarily get to talk a lot about your shots afterwards but with this game you tend to get burdened with things like prizes at the club and the embarrassment of having your name put up on those boards that tend to surround most golf club bars! You might also be inconvenienced by having your handicap cut. Which game do YOU actually play? It is not for me to say which kind of golf you SHOULD play but I think it is well worth you asking yourself which of the two games do you tend to play the most.
I’m sure the man who walks away with the Claret Jug this Sunday will have played the game of ‘Golf’. There’s no room for exhibitions this or any week.

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