us junior This is the incredible story of Connor Klein (not Calvin’s son, the other one) from  Long Tree, Colorado who was playing in the first round of the 64th U.S. Junior Amateur at Gold Mountain Golf Club.  Early in the round it became obvious to officials that Klein was holding up play and his group was clocked.  Not bothered by that, the kid continued to take an age over each shot, forcing officials to again check the group on the fifth hole, where it was decided that Klein was to be penalized one stroke for slow play.

Pic: Woman putting way too much effort into a kids event scoreboard

Ignorant of the penalty, the young Klein went ahead the 170-yard, par 3, only to be approached mid high-fiving by the rules officials and told of the penalty stroke.  It went down as a two on the card. It is unclear whether the rules official high fived Klein.

Klein ended with an 82.  And the moral of the story?  If you’re going to be slow, you better be really really really good!


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