Congratulations to John Kelly who performed brilliantly playing all four rounds at the Irish Open. To book a session call John on 086belly wedge-8155248.

The belly wedge is a great shot to have when your ball is nestled up against the collar of the rough surrounding the green. Top players often use this shot to extricate themselves from a tricky situation. Rather then hitting down on the ball as with a conventional shot, the belly wedge you hit the leading edge off the middle of the ball. It sends the ball out almost like a putt.

To play the shot, grip right down to the end of the grip, just to make sure you are closer to the ball. Stand with the ball back in the stance, opposite your right foot. Now hovering the club off the ground you play the shot almost like a putt, rocking the shoulders back and fourth.

A well executed belly wedge will see you make contact with the equator of the ball, making it run out like a putt. When it simply impossible to get your club under the ball, it is great to have this shot in your locker.

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