clip_image001Here’s one of my own favourite TPI tips given to me by Wayne O’Callaghan in Cork.

The biggest problem I have had with my swing is the Slide. To identify if this relates to you let me ask you two questions: Have you ever noticed that on the range when you stiffen up your lower body you connect better with the ball and it goes further than if you try to fire your hips and lower body? Or do you strike the ball better if you consciously place all your weight on your lead leg? If you’ve answered “Yes” to either question, you like me are a slider!

When I play well I don’t do it, but time and again when I play badly it’s there in my swing.

A slide is really a lateral motion towards the target with your lower body during the downswing or follow-through. Sliding makes every swing different as it’s almost impossible to maintain your height through the swing. That leads to an inconsistent swing arc and those demoralizing fat or thin shots that ruin our game.

So how do we get rid of it? Wayne gave me a great drill called Torso Turns One Leg. First stand on one leg and cross the hands across the chest. Now get into your golf posture and make some torso rotations as in the golf swing. This is a great way to learn how to stabilize the lower body and kill that slide. Make sure you do it equally on both legs. You will find it very tough at first but as your balance improves it will become much easier and you will reap the rewards on the golf course.

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