I wish my doctor would prescribe me with a mild bout of Dengue Fever so I could stay in Dubai for a few days and put the feet up.  That’s exactly what Rory McIlroy will be doing after he announced he is to pull out of the inaugural Thailand Golf Championship on doctor's orders. 

The prescription just says don’t fly for a few days and not to touch a golf club.  Rors most likely contracted the virus from mosquitos who carry and spread it.  The symptoms are rash (yuk) and joint pain. Hence Dengue Fever is also known as Breakbone Fever.

Rors is due back on the golf scene in the United Arab Emirates on Jan. 12.

"Can't wait to not have to get up and practice or hit a shot or people telling me what to do or where to go, or just have a few weeks off would be nice," McIlroy said.

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