joe lyons If your after some Christmas golf and hot port with the pros and ams make sure you get yourself to the second annual Joe Lyons Christmas Pro-Am at Galway Bay Golf Club on the 28th of December. All proceeds go to Galway Hospice. A shotgun start takes place at 10.30am and more details are on the facebook events page here

Things You Should Know About Joe Lyons

Many people will know Joe as one of Ireland’s top amateur golfers and indeed his exploits at beating the living tar out of people half is age are the stuff of legend.  However this shy retiring man is also very well known, if unheralded, in other circles.

As a youth Joe’s intelligence immediately became obvious.  By the age of 12, he had won Blackboard Jungle and secured a Caribbean holiday on RTE’s “Where In the World” quiz show before going on to become the youngest ever winner of “15 to 1” and Henry Kelly’s “Going For Gold”.

Excelling in languages and verse, a poem Lyons wrote whilst in Leaving Cert made its way to Israel in the late nineties and directly prompted the meeting of Yasser Arrafat and Ehud Barak to discuss his proposals.  Laid out in rhyming couplets, Joe Lyons suggested granting Palestinians sovereignty over Jerusalem's Haram al-Sharif and control over their own land while the Israelis would have sovereignty over the Western Wall.  Though ultimately unsuccessful, the “JLA” or Joe Lyons Accord remains the closest anyone has yet come to achieving peace in the Middle East.

Back in Ireland, the legend that is Joe Lyons is very close to celebrating a big birthday next year and plans are already well in train to transform Galway’s docks into a venue befitting the event where stars such as Lady GaGa and Tiger Woods, who Lyons beat 8 and 7 just one week before Woods won his first Masters in 1997 are set to attend.  English rugby legend Johnny Wilkinson who modelled his World Cup hair highlights on Joe’s summer look will also be there along with Lakpa Gyelu, the Sherpa who finally beat Lyons record of having summated Mount Everest 11 times in 2007.

It’s also told that Joe foresaw the property bubble as early as 1977, but his detailed diagram of events, was mistakenly destroyed after being used to make a Papier Mache elephant by his teacher.

So when you meet Joe in Galway on December 28th, be sure to shake the hand of a truly remarkable statesman.

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