There have beensome great bouts during the golfing year and here is the GolfCentralDaily top three in reverse order.  Note: The Rory vs Westwood beak bonking on twitter doesn’t qualify as a fight as it was not sanctioned by Chubby State Athletic Commission.

3. Ogilvy Vs Allenby

robert allenby funny grinch pic A true classic this year Down Under.  Ogilvy was worried about a cut on his finger reopening, Allenby brought to the table a record of 11 wins and only two defeats.  The bout went in Ogilivy’s favour when Allenby was disqualified for attacking the younger man with a broken glass.

2. Spencer Levin Vs The Tee Peg

This was an epic encounter with the Tee Peg giving as much as he got.  Levin went berserk with a series of vicious hooks, none of connected with the Tee Peg.  The video had over 60,000 hits on YouTube before the PGA Tour took it down deeming it too gruesome and belonging to them.

1. O’Hair Vs Sabbatini

Rory Sabbatini is one crazy ass bastard on the golf course and wins our prestigious Fight of the Year award hands down.  Weeks after winning and claiming to be “nice”, Sabbatini who styles himself on Mike Tyson went all mental with a kid at the Northern Trust Open before squaring up with someone his own size in Sean O’Hair.  Sean O’s only previous fight had been against his father, and he’s known to be slow out of the blocks, but he was not afraid to go toe to toe with the pyscho South African.  After 12 gruelling rounds  O’Hair emerged victorious joining Ben Crane as the only other fighter to defeat Sabbatini.
rory sabbatini sean o'hair fight funny picture
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