GolfCentralDaily is getting behind behind Rathmore kids Jonny Cummings and Jonny Pham in their bid to win the Rory McIlroy Santander Trick Shot Challenge.  If you think the lads Wee Woosey video is worthy, we need you to vote for them.
How to vote is outlined below.  have a look at the lads in action first!

Click on the link
1. Click on panel Golf Ball Challenge panel where it is Enter Competition Below.
clcik golf ball challnge

2. Then Click vote for entries.
vote for entries
3. Click on the grey Golf Ball Challenge panel.
then click golf ball challenge again
4. Select the Wee Woosey video.
then click wee woosey
5. Have a watch of the video, then please click the vote button.
Click Vote Now
I think it’s great. Please vote and Thanks.
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