No need for words, I’m too sad. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

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  1. Brilliant! obviously the true reason Di wanted out! Keep the funnies coming!

  2. Funny picture, great website.. BUT... how in the world am i like Dracula? Hurtful and possibly the most un-funny observation I've heard in a while, I suppose that's why I work for Sky and you do... whatever it is you do....

  3. Thanks Denis and Rob. Rob, I'm sorry about the Dracula thing. I may well have been drunk at the time, but you're right, it was hurtful. And not funny at all, except maybe a teeny weeny bit with the Ray Reardon gag? Anyway it's taken down now. Can you find it in your perfectly normal not undead heart to forgive me? Cheers, Donal