Peter-Dawson-RA-Golf---Op-001 Here’s the way things work at the top of the Ancient and Royal.  They sit around in the smoking room, hold china cups with two fingers and think of reasons why they should continue to give Portrush’s chances of hosting the British Open the two fingers.

This week Peter Dawson spoke to journalist  John Huggan and bloody well set him straight as to why Royal Portrush is not Royal enough for for the British Open.

Reason 1

Dawson: “One or two of the holes need changes.”

Ah okay so being consistently ranked by just about every reputable publication as being amongst the top 15 courses on the planet is not good enough for the R&A.  By that logic last year’s Open was not held at Royal St. Georges because 17 or 18 of the holes need changes.

Reason 2&3portrush

Dawson: It is not obvious where the practice ground would go. It is not obvious where the tented village would go.

What is the man on about here? “None of these big fields would actually be suitable because they are not the correct shape of green?”

Tell you what Peter.  Watch this year’s Irish Open and see where they put the practice ground and the tented village.  That may just give you a clue.

Pic: These big fields around the course are not immediately obvious so we have used big red arrows to point them out.

Smoking jackets on, two fingers ready…..


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  1. Thanks for that Doc... yea, it really shows the way the old boys think.

    If Royal Portrush redesigns those one or two holes, and finds the perfect spots for the practice range and tented village, no doubt the R&A will then say that the wind's blowing in the wrong direction.